Like thousands of other people in the UK, you’re probably very worried about the hazard perception test — part two of the theory test.

It’s true: Most people who fail the theory test … fail because of it.

So what is it about part two that makes it so tough?

If my memory serves me correctly — you can check these statistics — around 40-45% of people failed their test because of the hazard perception part.

If you’re really determined to pass first time, and not be part of the losing bunch get your hazard perception test practice in nice and early, don’t leave it till close to the test.

Many people (teenagers especially) don’t bother to practice the second part until way too late.

Silly. Very silly.

Remember the old saying … fail to prepare, prepare to fail?

Well this applies especially to the latter part of this exam.

Get prepared early, practice it, learn the problems with it so you cruise through it on the big day.

Remember that the theory test isn’t cheap if you fail, every time you go again it’s another £31!

Not to mention the embarrassment of telling your friends, family and loved ones that you failed.

This isn’t even the practical test, it’s the initial test so prepare like an early bird ready to catch the worm.

Good luck, but you won’t need luck … IF you get prepared early and don’t leave it until too late.

After you’ve passed the theory test, don’t forget that you won’t need to do it again.

Unless for some weird reason, you don’t take your practical test within 2 years of passing your theory (I believe it’s 2 years unless it’s changed recently)

Once you’ve done it, passed it — find a reliable driving instructor — then go and pass your practical first time and you’re good to go.